Fast and easy web based report card creation and distribution for swim instructors

What is Swimgen?

Swimgen is a web based system for creating and distributing report cards. It can help instructors by generating unique report cards based on swimmers' individual strengths and weaknesses. Reports can then be published online where they can be viewed anytime, and can't be misplaced.

Why use swimgen?

  • Trusted by over 180 pools to deliver 1.03 Million report cards
  • No more soggy report cards, store them safely online where they can't be lost or damaged
  • Easily see which instructors have completed their report cards and approve them before parents see them
  • Detailed statistics on enrollment numbers, completion rates, re-enrolment, and which skills are holding back swimmers from success
  • User friendly for instructors, supervisors, parents, and administrative staff
  • Personalize your report cards with your branding including logo and color scheme

How much does it cost?

Organizations can register to publish their reports online for just 10 cents per report. There are no set up fees, and no maintenance fees. They are guaranteed to remain online for at least 15 years.

I'd like to know more! How do I get started?

Reading through the getting started material should answer most of your questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!